by Jay Harris.

Hello again dear reader, we hope that all is well?
It seems like an age since we last communicated and all of us here at GIAGIORDANO.COM sincerely missed you.

It has been a funny old time, extremely busy all round whilst we continue on with our lives as normally as possible, whatever normal is? Normality is a tricky subject that none of us have time to delve into.
What is exciting that we do have time to ponder is the wonderful fact that Gia has been hard at work, creative juices flowing aplenty and mind agog with ideas for exciting new designs.
As you all know by now, Gia simply doesn’t just piece some bits together in any slapdash, ¨let’s please the masses¨ kind of way. Hell no!
It is a process.
It is pain and laughter sewn together with fervent artistry.
For her it is a cleansing of memory, tastes, smells, experiences. A vision born of a life lived!




We were wondering what exactly is the reasoning behind the choice of clothing that one decides to purchase?
What do you think of and what is the outcome that you desire, the end result?
It`s simply all about your style, isn’t it? Is it what you want or what you think they want to see?
Is it for comfort or emotionally driven to please others?




Sometimes it feels as if we are all just like the walking dead, all similar, shuffling around in our common attire and rarely striving to stand out from the herd.
What clothing do you own that is so special and represents YOU as an individual?
The lengths a bride to be will go to for that PERFECT wedding dress. You know the one, the flowing, beautiful and intrinsic designed garment that will show off YOU, like Cinderella at the ball. So stunning that all eyes are just upon you and jaws drop to the floor with delighted glee at just how incredibly radiant you are?




Manicured hands up if you recognise this predicament?
Now, my next question is WHY? Yes, we get it, it is your special day and you want to look your absolute best but WHY just for that one special day? Why not for several days or every day? Always making a statement and standing out from the rest?
We can all swoon with the glamour and excitement of the fashion world. Indeed, there are many celebrities whom we can identify just by an iconic outfit that they are recognised for. A style that they have claimed and trademarked as their own.
Many try to emulate that look but fail miserably. What should be stylish ends up looking sleazy in the wrong hands.
We have Amy Winehouse, her style as recognisable as her voice.
Marilyn Monroe and the timeless image of her gorgeous white dress, billowing around her as she stands atop that New York air vent.
Madonna and the now infamous conical bra!
Who could forget the incredible Grace Jones?
Boy George in unique, feminine punkiness!
Kylie Minogue re-inventing hot pants!
The list is endless.
Then you have those that make a statement like Gothics or Punks!
Remember the days when people used to dress to advertise themselves, to stand out, to make an impact, a lasting impression.
I struggle to see any individuality these days. Recognisable outfits are just copied, pasted and adorned with no real enthusiasm or then you have the complete opposite where stupidly insane skimpy and sleazily dressed women want to wear said ensembles for shock value but just end up looking, well, frankly ridiculous!




Can we go back to the day when what you wore was as important as who you actually are?
I am writing this as a direct result of a statement that Gia made to me the other day.
I quote….
¨I would sooner my work was purchased and worn by someone with relatable meaning and reason – rather than simply making a sale¨.
And to me, that just about sums up her designing process.
Style is individual.
Making a statement through your fashion is applaudable but, most importantly, substance.
After all, your substance is your style!

  • FrameMyRabbit_rog
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  • calamity.brides
    Posted at 14:10h, 02 December

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    Thank you for sharing this.

  • Wuuurp-@hollaback
    Posted at 14:19h, 02 December

    Not sure I’d call Marilyn or kylie a fashion icon just sex symbols, the others much more so Grace especially madonna and George

  • Tayler Redding_03
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    Posted at 16:53h, 02 December

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