By Jay Harris


We agree and disagree, gritted teeth sending us marching, headlong amongst the beauty and horrors that surround us.
A solitary figure making our way through terror and a constant threat. Alone yet accompanied by a similar figure feeling the same somewhere else, someplace upon our globe.
Our whole world seems volatile and ready to explode.

Thinking of volatility and explosion, a young Gia Giordano viewed almost daily during long, hot summers a mammoth threat that can be seen from almost every corner of the island of Sicily.
Mount Etna, fascinating and captivating.
Etna, Italy’s largest active volcano resides in Sicily, her looming height reaching a staggering 10,912 feet and covering an area of 459 square miles.
Only last month, Etna reared her head and unleashed her power, sending an erupting breath, a volcanic cloud reaching 11km into the sky, ash and debris falling onto the picturesque villages perched upon her slopes.



Historically, this powerful, natural beast began rumbling on March the 8th 1669.
Over the next few weeks, her anger wreaked havoc, multiple eruptions claimed the lives of more than 20,000 civilians and left thousands homeless.
This was not her first (or last) shout. In 1169 reports show that over 15,000 Sicilian’s perished from her ire.


Mount Etna is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and is in a constant state of activity. Sicilian’s call her MUNCIBEDDIE, meaning beautiful mountain. To appeal to her and appease her perhaps?
Who would have guessed that this breath-taking vision of epic capabilities would influence Gia’s young mind?



Intense images stained with mystery, wonder and fear. These thoughts and memories would remain cemented within her mind and would ultimately contribute to certain re-enactment’s, from art to material- splashes of fiery fervor entwined with the silkiest of garments.

I am beginning to understand just how observant Gia actually is, nothing escapes her vision or passes by unnoticed, every incident and memory is intrinsically remembered and by viewing these images, the fiery, ever-present danger that permeates from Mount Etna – has passed through Gia. These pieces of clothing do not just happen, they form a landscape, a visual journal superimposed and brimming with passion and beauty.



Etna is safe enough, it seems, not to reach inhabited areas because the eruptive lava cools down before wreaking havoc – but lateral eruptions can cause eruptive mouths to open along the volcanic slopes. This reason alone makes them all the more dangerous.




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